The transnational meetings

The project transnational meetings will be three:

  1. the first one in České Budějovice (Czech Republic)
  2. the second one in Rivarossa (Turin – Italy) – September 2016
  3. the third one in Panevėžys (Lithuania) – August 2017

The first one took place in České Budějovice in October 2015. This is our selection of images: to tell you about the city, about the meeting and about the moments we have spent together to build up the team.

To disseminate the meeting and the project as a whole a newsletter has been released. This is our PERVET_First_transnational_meeting_photo-poster.

The second transnational meeting took place in Turin: 21-22 September. This is our selection of images.

This is the link to the interview we did with Marinagela Cirella of Border radio.

Listen to it: we talked about the project, about us, about ERASMUS+.

Some parts in Italian, some in English: that’s ERASMUS+ 🙂