Multiplier events

The project multiplier events took place on July 12th.

The target of each multiplier event are decision makers and stakeholders.

We decided to host very small events selecting carefully the participants in order to have people really interested in the topic and able to bring the results of the research and the new curriculum definition in local policies.


Proeduca hosted the Czech multiplier event. Bluebook hosted the Italian one and Panevėžio darbo rinkos mokymo centras the Lithuanian one. The three project multiplier events have took place on the same day, at the same time. Czech, Lithuania and Italy have been connected by video-conference.

The aims of the three multiplier events have been:

  1. to spread the results improving the project international breath
  2. to involve local decision makers and the stakeholder network of each partner country
  3. to share the project intellectual output
  4. to explore new cooperation fields among the participants.

The three meetings have been carried out in a high interactive way for facilitating collaborative dialogue and the sharing of knowledge and ideas to create a living network of conversation and action. Bluebook LTD, as being responsible for the project dissemination as a whole, coordinated the implementation of the communication media to be used for the multiplier events.

The event have been be a medium to present the project and its outcomes, to deal a debate on new strategies and new curricula in training as a tool for continuing VET, to elaborate a cooperation plan for the further exploitation of the project outcomes.

Some pictures to remember our multiplier events in Lithuania and Italy.