Starting from a previous rough-survey conducted within the three partner countries (through phone calls and talks to VET agencies and enterprises managers and employees) the partnership pointed out a series of needs inside public bodies and private companies.

The results, collected by the survey, underline the necessity of promoting a more positive working environment and a better quality of life for workers:

  • companies need people able to adapt themselves, to be flexible, to solve conflicts, to face multicultural environment.
  • people need to get on well with colleagues, to conciliate work and life, to manage their time, to face multicultural environment.

The Intellectual Output designed by the project wants to deepen these results and demonstrate that one possible answer could be find in a new professional figure. We call it the personal facilitator: a high-skilled person who, inside private and public companies, can help companies to improve working environment, services and production and people to live better.

Starting from these objectives, the project Intellectual Output include the following activities:

  • research design
  • setting up of a questionnaire to collect data and information
  • contacts with the target group (VET agencies) and key stakeholders
  • administration of a questionnaires for employer, employees and VET providers
  • data collection and process at local, regional, national, European level
  • selection of the above mentioned materials
  • drawing up of the research and the personal facilitator┬ánew curriculum:
  • evaluation of the output with the key stakeholders
  • translation of the materials from English to Czech, Italian, Lithuanian languages
  • selection of the OER platforms on which the materials will be released
  • editing, layout design, translation and release

Some hints from the final document

Cover of the document: The personal facilitator survey and curriculum


The curriculum

The final edition of the Personal facilitator