Other resouces

Exploring the Internet you can find a lot on the work-life balance issue.

Our selection lets you to start surfing with confidence and without getting lost in the Internet huge sea.  

  1. Eurofound – European Foundation for the Improvement of Living and Working Conditions – The tripartite EU agency providing knowledge to assist in the development of social and work-related policies. In the website you can find publications, surveys, news, events. You can find the results of the debate on how Europe can balance work-life commitments, while moving towards the full employment target of the Lisbon agenda.
  2. European Parliamentary  Research Service Blog In the blog page you can find an overview on the issue, analysis, statistics, legislative procedures and much more.
  3. Work-Life Balance Measures To Help Reconcile Work, Private And Family Life – Reconciling Work And Private Life Two articles from the European Parliament Research service blog.
  4. OECD Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development designed a Better life index  that allows you to compare well-being across countries, based on 11 topics the OECD has identified as essential, in the areas of material living conditions and quality of life: work-life balance is one of this.
  5. Reconciling work and family life in Europe. The blog is dedicated to one of the important subjects COFACE works on, Reconciling Work and Family life. COFACE is the Confederation of Family Organisations in the European Union.


  1. CSR Piemonte An initiative co-funded by the European Social Fund 2007-2013: a network promoted by Unioncamere Piemonte and Regione Piemonte to promote and disseminate the principles of Corporate Social Responsibility.
  2. La 27ora  is a blog for women: tells the stories and ideas of those who pursue a balance between work (whether in the office or at home), family, themselves. The name comes from a study according to which women’s day in Italy lasts 27ore stretching out on a public-private boundary that becomes increasingly flexible and often uncertain.
  3. Variazioni A blog dedicated to the following issues: labor, labor market, welfare, smart working.
  4. The website of the Innovazione sociale Fair  The fair is an event eagerly awaited by those who deal with sustainability, social innovation, CSR and is considered the most important event in Italy dedicated to these issues. Thanks to a cultural program characterized by an interdisciplinary approach, the exhibition offers companies and other social actors moments of analysis and updating of strategies and tools for sustainability.

As regards the debate on VET curricula we suggest the following reading.

Learning outcomes approaches in VET curricula – A comparative analysis of nine European countries – Luxembourg: Publications Office of the European Union, 2010