The PERVET project

The PERsonal facilitator: a challenge for VET

PERVET is an ERASMUS+ project, Cooperation for innovation and the exchange of good practices in the field of Vocational Education and Training key action.

PerVET project aims to contribute to the increasing labor relevance of VET provision and reducing skill mismatches between the labor market and VET.

Starting from a preliminary sample-survey on the project topics – continuing VET, basic and transversal skills, labor market, reconciliation of work and family life – PerVET project is going to outline the opportunities that an alliance between VET learning and training agencies and labor market can offer in order to design a new curriculum, highly advocated to head off the emerging needs of market and people, and capable of meeting the challenges of a non-stop changing job framework.

In according to this assumption PerVET project aims to define a new professional – the personal facilitator – a high-skilled person who, inside private companies and public bodies, empowering and working on his/her basic and transversal skills – communication in the mother and foreign languages; digital competence; learning to learn; interpersonal, intercultural and social competences and civic competence; sense of initiative and entrepreneurship; cultural expression – can help both working people and companies to reach two strategic results:

  1. improving the quality of working environment and the quality of services;
  2. improving the quality of workers lives (above all women in their reconciliation of work and family lives).

The research, conducted at local, regional, national and European level will be focused on the project topics and will product, as a consequent result, the definition of the new curriculum: both the research and the curriculum will be translated in English, Czech, Lithuanian and Italian languages and will be released as OERs. The intellectual output will be widely disseminated by an on going coordinated action plan and by the means of the multiplier events.

The 24 months project is designed and implemented by three organizations representing a multi sectorial partnership: a VET provider, a no-profit association and a SME, whose history, profile and expertise ensure the complementarity of the perspectives, requirements and contribution, thus providing for the high quality of the final outcome. The communication among partners will be managed by a “blended” modality: during two years of activity there will be three transnational meetings and 8 scheduled video-conferences to which each partners will participate.

As an added value, the diversity of the partner curricula will let the project to strengthen the cooperation with a wide network of stakeholders and to build a strong alliance with different social, economical and political sector. Within the project the role played by the stakeholders is crucial: they will take part actively to the implementation of the intellectual output, will be main actors during the multiplier events (60 participants are expected to be hosted – 20 for each country) and will contribute to the evaluation of the intellectual project output (15 participants – 5 for each country).

We expect PerVET project has a positive impact on labour market relevance of VET thanks to: a positive impact on the capacity for dialogue between job labour market and VET; a positive impact on VET education and training programs “attraction”; interactive and involving dissemination strategies. The longer term benefits on people and organizations (partner organizations and stakeholders organizations) can be qualified as a new and actual attitude to respond to a wide range of needs expressed by both people and companies: the need to improve the continuing VET quality; the need to meet, by new professionals, the challenges of the job market.

PERVET is a new and actual attitude to build alliances between educational, social and economic sectors to share win-win strategies to improve people’s lives.


The project in a nutshell…